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22.3.2014. Uwanja's Puppy meeting with nice weather, barbeque.
We have great time with great company.

Great news from
New Mexico.
Uwanja’s RaAtum “Ra” winning Eukanuba Owner/Handler Final Series.
Now he are starting the new season.
We are still very excited for the honor Ra won and we are looking forward to 2014.  
Ra ended up number 21 in the nation which is pretty good since
he did not show 2013 very much.
his year 2014, he started really well.
Last weekend Ra in
Hobbs, New Mexico he was Best of Breed both days and
won a Group 4 on Sunday.

Here is picture of his signature stretch.
Congratulations Ra and his owners Kathleen and Mark, we are so proud of you all.

Welcome to Finland Glenaholm Kabo of Uwanja's, Our new family member.

Ra has received his Silver Grand Championship.
With his Best of Breed win in Eagle, Colorado.
He received enough points for his Silver Championship.
Congarulations to RA and his owner Kathleen and Mark.
We are so proud of you all.

Uwanja's RaAtum "Ra" on saavuttanut hopeisen Grand Champion arvon
näyttelyssä Eagle, Coloradossa jossa hän oli rotunsa paras.
Paljon onnea Ra.lle ja hänen omistajilleen Kathleen ja Mark.
Me olemme niin ylpeitä teistä kaikista.


27.7.2013. Finnish Rhodesian Ridgebacks Speciality show, Somero.

Great day and great weather with nice people.
Kiara was big CH class 5.
Afia was big JUNIOR class 4. and also cherry on the cake...
Best ridge competition BISS1.

We are so proud of our girls.

Rhodesiankoirien Erikois-näyttely, Somero.
Hieno päivä, hieno sää ja kivoja ihmisiä.
Kiara oli isossa Valioiden luokassa 5.
Afia oli isossa Juniorien luokassa 4. ja myös
kirsikkana kakussa Afia voitti näyttelyn paras ridge kilpailun.
Photo Taina Peltonen

13.7.2013 Hyvinkää All breed dogshow.
Uwanja's Rock "Diego"
Open class, EXC1, CQ, BM2, CAC.
Judge, Leni Finne
Congratulations to Mira and Ode.
We are so proud of you all.

Kiara 25.6.2013

Uwanja's Raatum "Ra".
Ra had been to 6 shows and Ra was a star!!
At the Albuquerque, NM shows he was Select Dog one day and Best of Breed the next.
He did get pulled for the cute in Group but did not place.
At the Abilene, Texas. Ra was Best of Breed all three days,
he won the a Group 3 on Sunday, he won the owner/ handler Best Ridgeback each day,
he won the owner/ handler Group each day and won owner/ handler Best in Show.
Congarulations to RA and his owner Kathleen and Mark.
We are so proud of you all.

4.5.2013. Afia, Kiara and Nala. Girls are waiting for they training of blood-tracking.
We have wonderful day. Thanks to everybody.

Link to Next litter 2013
Phone: Minna +358505126059 /Jari +358505141586

1.4.2013 Lappeenranta National all breed dog show
Kiara EXC1 with CQ and BB2.
Judge was Tuula Savolainen, FI


23.3.2013 Uwanja's Ruby"Kiara"
Passed breeding examination by RR-club of Finland with result Excellent.
Uwanjas Ruby "Kiara" läpäisi Suomen Ridgeback yhdistyksen
Jalostus-/Ulkomuototarkastuksen tuloksella Erinomainen.
Kuva Marianne Gellin.

27.2.2013. Spring time and the sun is shining.

2.1.2013. Turku KV International Show.
FICH Uwanja’s Ruby “Kiara”
EXC1 with CQ, BB1 and BOS with
her second CACIB.
Thanks to the judge Tiina Illukka and our friends for all support of this wonderful young girl !!
Photo: Minna Pakkas.

17.1.2013. Nala, Afia and Kiara

26.11.2012. Minna with Afia, Nala and Kiara in Helsinki city.

18.6.2012. 6-month-old Afia.
Afia with her first prizes, BOB with HP.

6.-7.10.2012. Ra in motion, at Alamogordo, New Mexico.
He has won 3 Best of Breed out of 6 shows and 2 Select Male
and one Group 3.
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

Photo: Kathleen Russell / Teddy's pic 12

1.10.2012 Uwanja's DAFINA AMIRA AFIA "Afia"  20 weeks.

26.8.2012. Group dogshow,Yppäri.

Uwanja's Rundu, Kiara's brother, has received last weekend,
He needs only five show to done that, WOW!!
Congratulations to team Rundu.
We are so proud of you all
Pauliina Ehnqvist-Brännbacka.


Great Great news!!

Today 11.8.2012 in National all breed dogshow,
(Inanda Mellberg Edelrood "Rod" x Athena "Nala")
Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara", Open Exc1, CQ, BB2, CAC


Thank you Jenni Matilda Fält for handling.
Thanks to the judge
Juha Putkonen, Finland
and our friends for all support of this wonderful young girl !!
We are so proud of these young ladies.


7.7.2012 International dog show, Kokkola KV.
Uwanja's Rundu "Rundu", Exc1, CQ, BM4, Res-CAC.
Judge Pekka Teini.
Congratulations to owner Pauliina and handler Niina.
Photo Niina Lukkariniemi.

16.6.2012 International dog show, Aptus, Helsinki KV.
Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara", Exc1, BB2, CAC, Res-CACIB.

Uwanja's Raatum "Ra"  5.6.2012


6.5.2012 Pietarsaari Group show.
Uwanja's Rundu, Exc1, CQ, CAC, BOB.

Big congratulations to the owner Pauliina Ehnqvist-Brännbacka
and Handler Selina Saimala.
We are so proud of you all.


Happy Birthday to Uwanja's puppies !!
Two years has gone so fast.

Minna with puppies


Uwanja's Rundu "Rundu" almost two years 12.4.2012.
Melkein 2 vuotta.


Uwanja's Rock "Diego" almost two years 12.4.2012.
Melkein 2 vuotta.


Uwanja's Remo "Remo" almost two years 8.4.2012.
Melkein 2 vuotta.

Photo: Pauliina Verhamo

Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo" almost two years 9.4.2012.
Melkein 2 vuotta.
Photo: Rosa Mikaela Roos


Uwanja's Rudolf "Rudolf" almost two years.
Melkein 2 vuotta
Photo: Aki Lindén

Athena "Nala" 23.3.2012


Nala, Diesel and Kiara have fun 23.3.2012.


Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" almost two years.
Melkein kaksi vuotta.

Uwanja's Ribbing "Diesel" almost two years.
Melkein kaksi vuotta


Uwanja's RAAtum "Ra"
9.-11.3.2012. Garden City, Kansas.
He have been showing for the past three days.
Ra was Best of Breed friday and then got a Group 2.
Saturday he went Best of Breed again and got a Group 3.
Sunday he won Best of Opposite Sex.
Big congratulations to Kathleen and Mark.

Ra oli kahtena päivänä rotunsa paras ja ryhmäkilpailussa 2 ja 3, kolmantena päivänä Ra oli vastakkaisen sukupuolen paras.


Great news !!
Uwanja's Litter 2010
Inanda Mellberg Edelrood "Rod" x Athena "Nala"
Uwanjas Rufus "Rudo"
Official X-ray results:
Elbow: 0/0, Hips: A/A, Back OK/Clear
Kyynär- ja lonkkanivelet ja selkä kuvattu loistavin tuloksin.
Congratulations to owners Rosa Mikaela Roos and Bilonda Otema

Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo" 21.4.2011. 1 years old.

18.-19.2.2012. Uwanja's RAAtum "Ra" and Mike Blanchard
have spent the last weekend at the 2012 Denver Dog Show.
Mike showed Ra to a Best of Oppisite Sex one day and
a Select Dog on another day.
Big congratulations to
owners Kathleen and Mark and handler Mike.


Inanda Mellberg Edelrood "Rod" x Athena "Nala"
GRCH CH Uwanja's RAAtum JC "RA"
at the Hobbs New Mexico Dog Show 4.-5.02.2012 and
again with great results.
Ra won Best of Breed on saturday and was BOS sunday.
Not a bad start to 2012.
He finished the 2011 season ranked number 28th nationally.
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.


Uwanja's RAAtum "RA"
2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, Orlando, FL
Breed Results: Here..
This handsome young man make us so proud.
Big congratulations to the owners Kathleen and Mark.

Kathleen and RA.
2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, Orlando, FL


Great News!

Uwanja's Litter 2010
Inanda Mellberg Edelrood "Rod" x Athena "Nala"
X-ray results of 7 puppies:
Elbow: 7 x 0/0, Hips: 5 x A/A, 1 x A/B, Back 6 x OK Clear
"1 x No back X-ray photo".
OCD: 7 x free

We still have to wait the confirmation of the kennel club.
We are very very happy !!


GRCH CH Uwanja's RAAtum,JC.
Onate Trail Dog Shows, El Paso, TX.
6.11.2011. RA was Best of Breed.
Then on the Group Ring this young dog was 2nd.
The judge was Mr. Charles Trotter.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

Seinäjoki KV "International dog show" 29.10.2011
Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" BOS with CAC and CACIB.  18 months.
Bob was Tarujen Penzi "Zorro"
Thanks to the judge Leni Finne and our friends for all support
of this wonderful young girl !!
Kiara sai ensimmäisen sertinsä ja myös kansainvälisen sertin
ollen vastakkaisen sukupuolen paras.
photo: Sunna Kivisalo

Uwanja's Rundu "Rundu" Seinäjoki KV.  EXC1.  18 months.
Judge, Leni Finne, Finland
Photo: Minna Pakkas

Uwanja's Rundu "Rundu" Seinäjoki KV.  EXC1.  18 months.
Handler Niina Lukkariniemi
Judge, Leni Finne, Finland
photo: Toni Raisio

Uwanja's RAAtum, New Grand Champion. 17 months.
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

RA's certificate

Uwanja's Rock "Diego" 8.10.2011. 18 months
Photo Nina Lindqvist.

Uwanja's Rock "Diego" with his owner Mira. 8.10.2011
Gerard O´Shean handling course.
Photo Nina Lindqvist.

Kiara and Nala 8.10.2011

Great news !!!

Nalas x Rods son.

Ch Uwanja's RAAtum "RA" is back home now with his

He were the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialties in
Rapid City, South Dakota.
There were over 130 Champion ridgebacks
trying to win the Best in Specialty Show title.
I am proud to say that Ra stayed in through the 4th cut.
So he was with the last of the 30 male dogs.
Ra was the youngest dog competing at 17 months
the next youngest was 28 months.

This weekend, he was in
Colorado and he won
Best of Breed both days! and in the Hound Group
he was in the top cut of 6 dogs both days.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.
We are proud of you all.

Ch Uwanja's RAAtum "RA"


Uwanja's Rudolf 17 months.
11.9.2011 Porvoo 11.9.2011 dog show.
Jun. class EXC2, CQ and RES-CAC, handler Bilonda Otema.
We are so proud of you all.
Big congratulations to owners Kaisa and Aki.

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" 16 months
20.8.2011. Kouvola Dog Show, EXC2, CQ, RES-CAC.
handler Jenni Fält, Judge, Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain.

19.8.2011 Nala's wonderful son Ch. Uwanja's RAAtum "RA"
won the Best in Sweepstakes Ridgeback at the Hound Specialty and
then went on to the Group and won the group and
then won the Best in Show !!!

We are so proud of him and very happy.
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.


Great news

Ch Uwanja's RAAtum "RA" is qualified to attend the
Eukanuba 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in
Orlando, Florida on 17th and 18th of December 2011.
Because he finished his AKC championship out of the puppy classes.
His is now USA ranking 34th in the nation, just 16 month old!!!
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.


Uwanja's Rudolf 19.7.2011

Uwanja's Remo "hiking north Sweden"

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" tracking excercise 29.06.2011

Uwanja's Remo 13 months

Great news !!!

Uwanja's RAAtum "RA" has passed his CERF
(Canine Eye Registry Foundation) testing,
his OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Cardiac testing,
his OFA Thyroid testing, and he is negative for DM. and 
have done preliminary X-rays on his hips and elbows also
and they look good.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.


Uwanja's Ribbing "Diesel" 26.6.2011. 14 months

Athena "Nala" and Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" 24.6.2011.
and their new backpacks

Athena "Nala" 24.6.2011.  4year and 3months.

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" 24.6.2011. 14 months

Uwanjas Ruby "Kiara" 14 months

Uwanja's Rock "Diego" 14 months

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" and Uwanja's Rock "Diego"
21.6.2011. 14 months.

Uwanja's Rundu 18.6.2011. Pietarsaaren ryhmänäyttely.
JunEri1, SA, PU1, SERT, ROP, RYP3.

Uwanja's Rundu 18.6.2011. in Pietarsaari groupshow.
Tuomari / Judge Åke Cronander in Sweden.

Big congratulations to owner Pauliina and Erik.

Uwanja's Rundu, 18.6.2011. 14 months.
Photo: Niina Lukkariniemi.


Uwanja's Rudolf  "Ruffe" 14 months.


photo: Uwanja's RAAtum class 15 - 18 months
Sweeps Stakes Win with Mike Blanchard.


Uwanja's RAAtum 11.-12.6.2011 the Colorado Springs show
with an Award of Merit both days out of 61 dogs!!


Also his eyes tested and heart tested.
These are two things he get certifications for breeding.
He passed both with flying colors.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

On an International show 4.6.2011 in Neumünster, Germany.
received his last CAC for the title of German Champion.
Huge congratulations to Rod and Elisabeth. We are so proud.

Rudo, Nala and Kiara,
playing "the king of the hill" 27.5.2011

Uwanja's Rudolf, 13 months. 15.5.2011

Blood tracking with Nala, Kiara and boys. 11.5.2011

Uwanja's RAAtum
"RA" out Lure Coursing this weekend.
He has never seen or practiced.
He ended the weekend with a Junior Courser title.
He got the title with two qualifying scores and it only took
two runs to get the qualifying scores.
He also got his qualifying score to run in the open field.


Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo" 21.4.2011

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" and Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo" 21.4.2011

Uwanja's Remo, 16.4.2011
Suojelukoira vietti testissä, testaajana Juha Korri.
Protection instinct test, tester Juha Korri.

Happy 1 year Birthday to Uwanja's 2010 puppies.
Inanda Mellberg Edelrood x Athena litter.

Ch Uwanja's RAAtum at the Glendale, AZ dog shows last weekend
and Ra was the Select Dog behind the number 1 ridgeback in America.
He now has all of his major wins for his Grand Championship and only needs 7 single points to finish his Grand Championship.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

Ch. Uwanja's RAAtum 1 year. Photo Arizona dog show.

Uwanja's Rundu 20.3.2011

Uwanja's Rundu 20.3.2011

Big Day !!!

Our kennel's first Champion.
Uwanja's RAAtum "RA". BOB, Group 4 and NEW AKC CH !!!
11.3.2011. at the Kennel Club Dog show in Garden City, Kansas.
12.3.2011 and 13.3.2011. He was BOB again.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

CH Uwanja's Raatum "RA" 3 x BOB. Kansas (11/3, 12/3, 13/3)

Uwanja's RAAtum relaxes on the podium, 11.3.2011

Kiara, Minna ja Nala 24.2.2011

Uwanja's RAAtum"RA" Win at the Denver Dog Shows last weekend!!

On Saturday in Denver Ra win individual classes and go on to be Reserve Winner's Dog.

Sunday again win individual classes but Ra goes on to a Winner's Dog win and bring home the 4 point major for the day.

Monday was a big day.
Once again win his respected classes but this day Ra goes
on to win Winner's Dog - bringing home the major win points
for the day.

But...in the bred ring Ra went on to be the Best of Winner's!! With
an almost Best of Breed win according to Mr. James White (the judge); he was "prepared" to give Ra the Breed Win but Ra was a puppy one too many times in the ring.
Oh well, they we'll get them next time.

Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

-6.2.2011 Uwanja's RaAtum "RA" once again went Best of Breed,
Hobbs New Mexico Dog Show,
but this time he won over the number 3 dog in the nation.
Big congratulations to owners Kathleen and Mark.

Uwanja's Ribbing "Diesel" 6.1.2011

Tapaaminen Remo Kiara Rundu 23122010
Uwanja's Remo, Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" and Uwanja's Rundu.
Winter weather -20 degrees Celsius

luminaama rundu
Uwanja's Rundu 23.12.2010.
" -20 degrees Celsius"

GREAT NEWS from New Mexico!!!

11 & 12 December Uwanja's RAAtum "RA"
Big gratulations to owners Kathleen & Mark in New Mexico!


Uwanja's RAAtum "RA" wins the puppy class and
Best of Breed puppy at the Pueblo, CO B match.
He was, once again, reserve winners dog at the Pueblo AKC Dog Show.

Nala, Minna and Kiara 28.11.2010

Kiara "7 month" and Nala 28.11.2010

Kiara 8.10.2010


The FCI has confirmed
Inanda Mellberg Edelrood "Rod"

Title of International Beauty Champion.
Congratulations to our litter dad on
this well deserved title!!


Uwanja's RAAtum was reserve winners dog
out of the 6 -9 month puppy class
at the Los Lunas Dog Show (October 2010).
This was his first show and
he was the entertainment for the weekend!!
(sorry no pictures).

Uwanja's Rudolf"Ruffe"BOB and Uwanja's Ruby"Kiara"BOS
2.10.2010 Lohja. Judge Marja Talvitie.

Uwanja's Rock "Diego"

Uwanja's Rundu

Uwanja's Ribbing "Diesel"

Uwanja's Rudolf  "Ruffe"

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara"

Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo"

Uwanja's Rufus
Uwanja's Rufus "Rudo"

Uwanja's Rock "Fab'D"

Uwanja's Rundu

Uwanja's RAATUM "Ra", New Mexico

Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" and Uwanja's Raatum "RA"

rock ja mikki
Uwanja's Rock and Mickey Mouse

Uwanja's Raatum "RA" and rainy day

Uwanja's Remo hiking

Porvoo 11.9.2011 dog show

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